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Photos of Potto

Cooper Lane
Cooper Lane
Settlement Cottage
Settlement Cottage
Cooper Lane
Another view of Cooper Lane
Potto Hall from a Postcard
Potto Hall from a Postcard
Potto Hall
Another view of Potto Hall
Potto Station
Potto Station 1900 see more at www.pottostation.co.uk

Census Returns

The first census in England and Wales was conducted on 10th March 1801. Since then, a census has been conducted every ten years. Unfortunately the very early censuses taken before 1841 were destroyed so this information is no longer available. The 1841 Census of England, Wales, Scotland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man was taken on the night of 6/7 June 1841. It was the first census conducted by the General Register Office to record the names of everyone in a household or institution. Information available in this collection includes place and name, age, gender, occupation and birthplace of each individual who spent the night in individual households.

Potto Census

YearLinkCompletion Status
18411841 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18511851 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18611861 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18711871 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18811881 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18911891 Census Return for PottoTranscription in progress
19011901 Census Return for PottoTo be transcribed
19111911 Census Return for PottoTo be transcribed

Whorlton School Enrolment Records 9th Jan 1865 to 4th Apr 1910

Whorlton Parochial School

Children from the village of Potto attended Whorlton Parochial School which was opened following public subscription on the 9th Jan 1865 with a total of 56 pupils. Listed here are the names of the original pupils. On subsequent pages can be found a complete record of all 534 pupils who attended the school up to 4th April 1910. Used in conjunction with the census returns you can follow individual families through the latter part of the 19th century. Many familiar surnames that are still around today feature in the list.

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