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1911 Census Return - Potto

The 1911 British Isles Census was taken on the night of 2nd April 1911.
The following information was requested:

Additional information requested in the 1911 census was the “fertility census”. Fertility questions included how long the present marriage had lasted, the number of children born alive to the present marriage (including children no longer living in the household), and number of children who had died.

Potto Census

Part of the 1911 Census Summary for Potto
StreetNumber/HousenameNameRelationshipStatusMaleFemaleOccupationPlace of BirthBlind/Deaf/Idiot

The data for this census is awaiting transcription from the original records to a database and will appear shortly.

YearLinkCompletion Status
18411841 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18511851 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18611861 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18711871 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18811881 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18911891 Census Return for PottoTranscription in progress
19011901 Census Return for PottoTo be transcribed
19111911 Census Return for PottoTo be transcribed