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1861 Census Return - Potto

The 1861 Census for England was taken on the night of 7th April 1861. All responses were to reflect the individual's status as of 7th April 1861 for all individuals who had spent the night in the house. People who were traveling or living abroad were enumerated at the location where they spent the night on census night.
Information in this database:

There is a lot of information missing from the Potto 1861 census. There are only 15 houses mentioned in 1861 whereas there were 38 in 1851. Properties such as Potto Grange, Potto Carr Farm etc. are all missing. Maybe the enumerator was confused where the boundary of the Parish was!

Potto Census

No.AddressNameRelationshipStatusMaleFemaleOccupationPlace of BirthBlind/Deaf/Idiot
1Private HouseGeorge HowieHeadUnmarried61West India PensionerPotto
2Private HouseJohn StowmanHeadMarried26Joiner & Cabinet MakerCity of York
Jane Ann StowmanWifeMarried26City of York
Thomas Thackray StowmanSon2City of York
Mary Ann StowmanDaughter7mCity of York
William Edward StowmanBrotherUnmarried20Joiner & Cabinet MakerCity of York
3Private HouseJacoab LaytonHeadMarried54Ag. LabourerDurham
Ann LaytonWifeMarried60Stokesley
John LaytonSonUnmarried18Ag. LabourerPotto
4Public HotelThomas MuddHeadMarried46Farmer of 50 acres and InnkeeperHilton
Barbary MuddWifeMarried45Thornton le Moor
Thomas GillSon-in-LawUnmarried?22Otterington
Mary NicholsonGrand DaughterUnmarried18Potto
Jane TiplingServantUnmarried17ServantIngleby Arncliffe
5House in the fieldMary EdenHeadWidow65Occupier of LandSnailsworth
Hannah EdenDaughterUnmarried41DressmakerPotto
Mary EdenGrand DaughterUnmarried16DressmakerPotto
6Private HouseStephen SimpsonHeadMarried68ShoemakerPotto
Mary SimpsonWifeMarried51Kirklevington
7Lodging HouseRichard HodgsonHeadMarried53Ag. LabourerBroughton
Susannah HodgsonWifeMarried41DressmakerKirklevington
8Private HouseJohn EdenHeadMarried29Ag. LabourerPotto
Mary EdenWifeMarried21Potto
Elizabeth EdenDaughter3Potto
9Chapel HouseRobert ThompsonHeadMarried19Cartwright & JoinerIngleby Arncliffe
Jane ThompsonWifeMarried68Darlington
Ann ThompsonDaughter-in-LawMarried21South Shields
Elizabeth ThompsonGrand Daughter1Potto
10John ButteryLodgerUnmarried26Stone MasonLeeds
Thomas HillLodgerWidower32Stone MasonWhitby
11Mary Ann HerdmanMary Ann HerdmanHeadUnmarried37Shopkeeper & Occupier of landBrompton
Ann RaineNeiceUnmarried13ServantDurham City
12New RowJohn NicholsonHeadMarried40Dealer in poultry & Occupier of landPotto
Hannah NicholsonWifeMarried40Potto
Ann NicholsonDaughter1Potto
John NicholsonSon7Potto
Charles NicholsonBrotherUnmarried48Ag. LabourerPotto
13New RowJoseph HarkerHeadMarried66Ag. LabourerGreenhow
Margaret HarkerWifeMarried49Potto
14Chapel YardRobert TurnerHeadMarried33Ag. LabourerSnape
Mary Ann TurnerWifeMarried30West Rounton
Charles Pearson TurnerSon10ScholarFerry Hill
John Thomas TurnerSon8ScholarPotto
Henry Eagan TurnerSon6ScholarPotto
William TurnerSon1Potto
Thomas PearsonFather-in-LawWidower60Ag. LabourerBroughton
15Chapel YardCharles HallHeadMarried33Farmer 9 acresPotto
Jane HallWifeMarried32Potto
John Charles HallSon10ScholarPotto
Hannah HallDaughter4Potto

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18411841 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18511851 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18611861 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18711871 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18811881 Census Return for PottoCompleted
18911891 Census Return for PottoTranscription in progress
19011901 Census Return for PottoTo be transcribed
19111911 Census Return for PottoTo be transcribed